The Coffee X Change is a
peer-to-peer program that commits executives of color
to each other's projects and personal success.

Due to Covid-19 we will be setting up one-one-one and group zoom calls only.

Our Objective

We believe representation in media begins with representation at the executive level. If executives are responsible for each other's success - more projects with diverse and inclusive stories will naturally bubble up through media.

The goal of he Coffee X Change is to build stronger networks within communities of color in the entertainment industry via a buddy system.


In this buddy system, executives will be paired up and given a task to meet for a coffee and ask each other two very specific questions:


  • What possiblity in your life would you like to invent for yourself? (Exercise more, build stronger relationships, fall in love, change careers , it can be anything.)

  • What is a project that you currently need help? (This could range from needing an assistant to finding a producer.)


Each executives will be challenged to help their counterpart get closer to solving their problem/task within 20 days of meeting.



The first question is personal, and allows each person to share and connect their goals with each other. Opening for collaboration and connection outside of work.


The second questions, gives an actionable task for the opposite executive. It's important to note, that the executives DO NOT have to solve the problems for each other, but HELP each other get closer to accomplish a task.

By connecting our networks together we can make powerful change.

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